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We Teach Math from the Inside Out

Marcelete, Marie, Dee, Amy, Kimara, Renee

So, your child bombs a math assignment. There are many reasons why this may have happened. To improve, they need to first understand WHY this happened and what needs to change so it won’t happen again.

Tutors work with students to help identify the difficulties and we hold students to high standards to help improve performance. We see ourselves as Coaches on a math team — the team is comprised of the student, the classroom math teacher, the parents and us… the coaches!

For a student to see learning improvement, they must put in the time and effort! We set clear expectations and goals, which may be adjusted based on student comprehension. One of our missions as tutors is to motivate students to perform their best! Sometimes, all of us need a nudge of encouragement. Providing notes, examples, extra practice and a healthy shot of you’ve-got-this confidence shows each student that we are in their corner!

Students frequently bring graded classroom assignments to celebrate with us! Our tutors are extremely positive and have an enthusiastic attitude when it comes to education and math. Their kindness and attentiveness help when developing a rapport with each student which is the pathway to math confidence.

Yes, we work on math skills.  But.  We work just as hard on math confidence.  In other words, we teach math from the inside out!