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Math Through the Eyes of Your Preschooler

Build a Strong Foundation for Future Success

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At Calculating Minds, we believe that a solid foundation in math starts early. Our Preschool Math Program is designed to introduce young learners to the world of numbers in a fun and engaging way. By nurturing a love for math from the start, we set the stage for lifelong learning and success.

We are passionate about our preschool program! Research shows early math learning helps develop executive functioning in the brain. This in turn helps with:

  • Sustained attention
  • Inhibitory control
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Working memory

What We Offer

Hands On Learning

Hands On Learning

Our program is filled with interactive activities that make math concepts come to life. Through games, puzzles, and hands-on experiences, your child will develop a deep understanding of basic math principles.
Experienced Educators

Experienced Educators

Our team of dedicated teachers is passionate about early childhood education. They are skilled at making learning enjoyable and accessible for young minds, ensuring that every child feels confident and excited about math.
Individualized Attention

Individualized Attention

Every child is unique, and our program reflects that. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of each student, providing personalized instruction that supports their individual learning journey with small teacher to student ratios.
Engaging Environment

Engaging Environment

At Calculating Minds, we create a positive and stimulating environment where children feel safe to explore and learn. Our classrooms are equipped with the tools and resources needed to make math both fun and educational.

Why Choose Calculating Minds?

Choosing the right program for your child’s early math education is crucial. At Calculating Minds, we are committed to helping your child succeed. Our Preschool Math Program is designed to inspire a love for learning and build the skills necessary for future academic achievement.
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Ready To Get Started?

We invite you to join our community of learners and see firsthand how our program can benefit your child. Contact us today to schedule a visit or enroll in our Preschool Math Program. Together, we can help your child discover the joy of math and set them on a path to success.