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Visual Math Improves Math Performance

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Recent brain research has been able to show us what activity goes on in the brain when we solve a math problem. The results are amazing! FIVE different processors “light up” with activity and talk to each other when we work on math and play with numbers.

Of those five, two are visual processors.

That means we need to provide visuals to aid our brain in making sense of the problem, connecting it to other parts of the brain and to move it from our short term memory to our long term memory! This might mean drawing a picture; creating a table; using hands-on materials to ‘see’ the problem; number lines; hundreds charts; bar models; and graphic organizers, just to name a few.

So even for those kids (and adults) who don’t consider themselves to be “visual learners,” we now know that’s just not true. Everyone needs visual tools to understand math deeply. Some might just have stronger visual processors than others. Those who think they’re not “visual learners” need visual models and tools even more to strengthen those weaker parts of the brain.

—————- Visual Math Improves Math Performance