Set Goals to Get Goals

2nd graders at Webb School, these students 'Broke Out' of a math task!

Set Goals to Get Goals:  Sowing the Seeds for Success! 

Sports coaches encourage us to be active, alert and to continuously practice to see improvement. Learning math is very similar to playing a sport! Goal setting means establishing a target that you want to achieve — specific, measurable and challenging enough to make you feel motivated! Practice sowing the seeds of success with your child by using SMART goal setting.

S = Specific M = Measurable A = Achievable R = Realistic T = Timely

Setting realistic goals is key — it may not be reasonable to set a goal of making a 100% on a test or an ‘A’ for the quarter. Instead, try setting a goal of scoring 5 points higher on the next test or learning the 7’s table by May.

Lastly, write down the goals and display them prominently.  Celebrate if the goal is met and review the stumbling blocks if your child falls short.   Perseverance and effort are key!

It is also important to note that when teaching children to set goals, that small steps and smaller goals

are just as important as a larger goals.  

CJ, 6th grader at Farragut Middle, is proud of her 100%!

CJ, a 6th grader at Farragut Intermediate is proud of her 100%!

Kepler, a 3rd grader in Oak Ridge Schools, was the multiplication winner in his grade level! Check out those trophies!

Kepler, 3rd grade in Oak Ridge Schools, was the multiplication winner in his grade level!