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Oak Ridge

Secret: adj.: not known or seen.  Not meant to be seen by others.

Oak Ridge, the Secret City, is home to the not-so-secret Calculating Minds Math Learning Center. 

Some students believe that math is one BIG secret!  But our tutors help unlock the mysteries of math and build student confidence and math enthusiasm.   

Our one-hour remediation sessions focus on finding and filling math gaps, supporting classroom curriculum, and building numeracy sense.

Enrichment sessions include stepping ahead in math to prepare learners for the upcoming curriculum.   

Singapore math is at our core — rigorous and in-depth curriculum.    We can help you determine which path is best for your child.

Secret no more!   Call us for more information!   

Tesla, grade 1, gives her tutor a Math Five!
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Small Business
Of The Year

The Chamber’s ExtraORdinary Award, Small Business of the Year, recognizes a for-profit business with 50 or fewer employees that has demonstrated overall stability and a positive public image while setting an example of community service and enhancing the community’s economic vitality.

Calculating Minds was nominated and received The Small Business of the Year Award for 2023!  In addition to providing math support services to the West Knoxville and Oak Ridge area, we take an active role at several local schools and Saint Mary’s Catholic School.  We provide student support, sponsor local events, and volunteer in the cafeteria.  We partner with local public schools by helping with fundraising, participating in STEM nights, and supporting the PTA organizations.

We hosted the transportation bus at the annual Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge and took part in many of the Chamber Events that help enhance small businesses’ connections with the community.

Calculating Minds is honored and thrilled to be the 2023 Small Business of the Year Winner!

Oak Ridge Small Business