Dee Morgan – Owner



“Every student’s path for finding a love for math is different, we’ll find yours.”

Hello. I’m Dee Morgan, I’ve been in education for 38 years…as a teacher, an administrator, coach and mentor in both public and private schools. Retiring from public school, I want to continue learning and teaching math. Working with kids from grades pre-K to high school has given me perspective into what motivates them, as well as insight into their frustrations.

One of my goals is to increase students’ math knowledge while boosting their math confidence.  Seeing success written on a child’s face and hearing an enthusiastic ‘this is easy now!’ is, to me, the highest compliment!

 I graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Education.  I furthered my education with a degree in Educational Administration from the University of Redlands in California.  Outside of teaching and learning, I enjoy reading, board games, old movies and swimming.  My own children and grandchildren love to visit me and spend time at the lake. 

Math is cumulative and if a child doesn’t achieve proficiency at each step it can become frustrating. We take the time to understand the gaps and get kids back on track to math success.

    • We know what is being taught in our local schools and how it’s being taught.
      We’ve taught in the local school system and know the curriculum. We also know how math is being taught. We take the time to understand how each child learns best, and help relate what is being taught in a way each student can understand.
    • We ensure children have a solid foundation by identifying gaps, understanding your child’s learning needs, meet them where they are, and take them where they need to go.
      More often than not, students get frustrated in math because they failed to master a fundamental or can’t grasp how the current topic is being taught. We assess the situation and build a unique path for each student.
    • We provide personal attention to each student.  We work one-on-one with every student and keep any group learning to very small groups.
    • We’ll teach each student how to approach homework and avoid frustration. 
      Learning how to learn is often the key to success. We teach our students how to approach their homework so it doesn’t become overwhelming or frustrating.
    • Fun Fact:  Dee was a skydiver and skydiving instructor for many years.  She has 1242 jumps from a wide variety of airplanes, hot air balloons and helicopters.