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As a parent and primary educator, you want to ensure your child receives a comprehensive education that sets them up for success. That’s why with Calculating Mind's Homeschool Hub is designed to support you and your child on this educational journey.

What We Offer

Individualized Math Learning for Homeschoolers

Individualized Math Learning for Homeschoolers

We believe every child has the potential to excel in math with the right guidance. Our experienced teachers work closely with you to understand your child’s specific needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. We then develop personalized learning plans that align with your homeschool curriculum, "the Tennessee State Standards, the Common Core", and other relevant educational benchmarks. This alignment guarantees that your child is not only keeping up with grade-level expectations, but is also building a solid foundation for future academic success. Our goal is to supplement your homeschooling efforts with structured, targeted math instruction that is still fun and engaging for your child. Our instructors use a variety of interactive methods, including math challenges, games, and practical applications, to make make enjoyable for your child. This approach helps students develop a genuine interest in math and a positive attitude toward learning.
The Homeschool Hub

The Homeschool Hub

The “Hub” is a great place to hang out for homeschoolers. Instead of individualized math learning with our instructors. Small groups can get the math help they need in our learning room where our amazing math tutors will assist and monitor, helping students with their current math needs. They can spend time in the VR (Virtual Reality) learning room where math concepts are presented in a whole new way. They can practice multiplication facts & developing a deeper understanding of many concepts, like fractions. They may also spend time taking part in fun group activities like art and other educational games to provide them with socialization and friendship opportunities. Although not a traditional classroom experience, this gives your child a similar atmosphere to experience and learn in. This dynamic creates an opportunity for kids to get the interaction and extra math help they need with a less expensive price tag. It’s also just a fun environment for all of the kids involved.

Homeschool Hub Small Group Learning Classroom

Homeschool Hub Small Group Learning Classroom

We understand that sometimes students need extra support in addition to their regular homeschool math class. Students who are enrolled in the same homeschool math classes can participate in a small group sessions at our center. One instructor will teach the group and will provide learning opportunities which will help them succeed with their current math curriculum.

Math is a subject which is cumulative. If concepts are not grasped, this will affect the understanding of future topics. We can help address learning gaps while ‘front-loading’ math topics to assist with confidence and understanding. Classroom dynamics can enhance learning. Here at Calculating Minds, students in the same session are called Study Buddies. Group problem-solving and peer interaction can promote math learning, build enthusiasm and bolster confidence!

So, what does this all mean for homeschool families as they support the math curriculum? It’s a rallying cry to make math as engaging, enjoyable and effective as possible in the homeschooling journey. We live in an era where math skills are becoming increasingly important, so let’s embrace this challenge head-on!

Class size is limited to 2 – 4 students in a session. With 2 or more students, we can offer a tuition price reduction. Students must be using the same math curriculum.

Discounts for small group learning classrooms are designed to help families afford quality math support. Families can discuss and coordinate to organize the small groups of 2 – 4 students.

 When the group is ready to get started, a phone call or email will begin the process! Quarterly (9 week) enrollment is required.

Building Confidence and Lifelong Skills

We understand the direct correlation between math proficiency, self-confidence, and ongoing motivation to learn. Our approach focuses on building confidence through mastery of fundamental skills and progressive challenges. By fostering a growth mindset, we help students see that they can overcome difficulties and achieve success in math.

Get Started with Calculating Minds

We’re here to support your homeschooling journey and make math a subject your child loves. Contact us today to learn more about our Homeschool Hub and how we can tailor our programs to meet your child’s needs. Let us help you build a strong mathematical foundation that will serve your child well throughout their academic and professional life.