Getting Outside To Do Math

Getting Outside to do Math

Beautiful Springtime weather is too good to waste! Let’s combine the outdoors with some math activities to get the kids moving!

My three-year-old grandson, Huck, loves to collect items when we are outside. From rocks to dandelions to sticks, we usually have an armload of ‘items’ which we have collected. Then, we sort, count, and create patterns with whatever items we have found. Huck is very creative and loves to invent stories about the items. Stretching further, counting and sorting are perfect math activities for preschoolers.

I have attached some printable Outdoor Math Activity Cards to get you started! The cards are great for multiple ages and will work in just about any backyard!

How do you work math into outdoor fun? What are some other items you collect to count, sort, and graph?

Outdoor Math Cards


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