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Farragut Location

  “I just wanted to say thank you for working with my son!  I’ve never heard him so excited for Math. First thing he said when we got in the car was  ‘When do I go back?  That was fun!’  Lol!  This did my heart good!”

~  Email from a 7th grader’s parent                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Located in the heart of Farragut, we are in the Premier Eye Care center, just a few blocks from Costco.   Since opening in January of 2020, we have built up our flagship center to more than 100 students from grades pre-Kindergarten through High School.   

Learning from qualified tutors who love teaching math, students are engaged and have fun while unraveling the mysteries of mathematics.   Students who need remediation build confidence and understanding through hands-on lessons, games and note-taking.   Students who are performing at or above grade level are challenged with real-world examples, puzzles and by getting a step ahead as we present future math topics.   

We love homeschool students!   Our homeschool students work in small groups to hone their skills and to dive deeper into the concepts.  We offer several options for homeschool families and you can call us to find out more.

Come on over and let us show you how much fun math can be!

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