Singapore Math

Master math concepts and build a foundation for success going forward.
singapore math

Singapore Math

At Calculating Minds we love math and we show our students a path to loving math. Singapore math is how we teach math enrichment and how we help students master core concepts. Math should be fund and students who excel at math have fund and become more confident and eager to learn. 


Studies in the US and UK have shown Singapore math produces fast and substantial improvement.


Students master a core set of concepts and skills providing the foundation they need to thrive going forward.

Aligns with
Common Core

Common core mirrors many of Singapore math's approaches including narrower focus and greater depth.

Singapore math is a hands-on visual way to learn math. We use a C-P-A (concrete-pictorial-abstract) method that helps students really understand the content being presented. We reinforce what students are learning in the class room and provide them the additional math help they need to excel. 

Whether your child needs a little extra help in math, you want them to be challenged with math, or you want them to develop a love of learning math, we want to help! See our Program Options for details.



Students engage in hands-on learning using objects such as chips or paper clips.


Students learn to process problems in a visual way through graphics like bar charts.


Students engage in higher level thinking and learn problem-solving.

Singapore Math Covers Topics Deeper

Singapore math focuses on a limited number of topics covered each year, but in greater detail. With each level this method of math incrementally builds upon knowledge and skills using previous lessons with students required to have a strong understanding before moving on to the next topic. 

Students of this method rank as some of the best in the world.

Singapore math

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