Kindergarten Math

Give your Kindergartener a jump start on elementary school with Singapore Math.

Kindergarten Math

The transition from kindergarten to 1st grade math can be a big one for most students. Starting at kindergarten students begin to build a math foundation. Covid-19 disrupted school last year and may also disrupt it again this one. Many kindergartners hadn’t fully absorbed the math concepts they were being taught. Without help these students will fall behind in math and lose confidence in their ability to do it going forward.

Singapore math is an excellent way to make sure your kindergartner builds the math foundation they’ll need. Singapore math is extremely clear, highly logical and sequential, with a strong focus on mental acuity. 

Calculating Minds provides individualized attention and learning paths paced to each student. We use Singapore math methods to help kindergarten math students master a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) progression.

We’re local math teachers who know how to make learning fun and interactive.

What you'll learn

Skills needed to master the concepts

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