ACT Prep

Prepare with a certified Knoxville teacher to succeed on the ACT
ACT Prep

ACT Prep

Calculating Minds is offering ACT prep for Science and Math. These are the subjects which have proven to be the most challenging topics on the ACT.  If you find math and science challenging – we can help! 

We are local-certified teachers with over 60 years combined experience. We are not a franchise and this is not a cookie cutter approach. We are passionate about helping each individual student achieve their potential.

We teach students, one-to-one, the necessary test taking and time management skills while reviewing content areas.  We help strengthen skills and build confidence.  We individualize each experience by focusing on the concepts each student finds most challenging. 

What do our ACT Prep sessions look like?

Students will work with a certified teacher for 90 minutes each week.  They will complete a timed practice test segment, to be analyzed by the teacher for specific feedback and coaching.  After each session students will be assigned a unique online set of practice questions.  The data from this online practice will be used as a springboard for the following sessions.  All practice materials are included and will be collected, organized in a binder, and sent home with the student each week.

What will students see on the Math & Science ACT?

What should your student expect?

Our program is only as strong as the effort put in by the student.  Teachers will provide materials, strategies, resources, and coaching but each student must be willing to put forth effort to succeed.

Effort + Great Coaching + Practice = ACT Success

Spring and summer months are the perfect time to study for the ACT as there are less demands on their time.  Follow the links below for more information about the ACT and to pursue the next steps.

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