5th Grade Math Classroom Connection

Calculating Minds ensures ‘math gaps’ are addressed for each 5th grader
5th grade math student

5th Grade Math Classroom Connection

The pandemic ended the school year early, and many students did not finish 5th grade math. It also looks like the virus will continue to disrupt education this year.

If the student has unfinished learning from previous grade levels, the chance of becoming frustrated is likely. The available virtual learning may not be enough to close these gaps for your 5th grader.

Calculating Minds provides the math help needed to ensure 5th graders continue on the right path and maintain a love of math. We provide individualized attention and learning paths paced to your student. We use Singapore math methods to help 5th grade math students master a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) progression.

We’re local Knoxville math teachers who know how to make learning fun and interactive.

What you'll learn

Skills needed to master the concepts

Beyond our Math Classroom Connection sessions, we also offer 5th grade math students Singapore math.  These sessions enable students to get further ahead and excel beyond their grade level.

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