1st Grade Math

Mastery of 1st-grade math is critical to success going forward.
Don't let your child fall behind!
1st Grade Math

First Grade Math

Due to Covid-19 the school year ended early last year and many students did not finish 1st grade math. It also looks like the virus will continue to disrupt education this year. Many students hadn’t fully absorbed the math concepts they were working on and may fall further behind as we begin the new year. Without help these students will fall behind and lose confidence.

Without consistent practice 1st graders will not develop the number logic and problem-solving skills necessary for a proper math foundation. 1st graders need visual and tactile lessons to understand mathematical concepts. 

If the available virtual learning is not effective, or does not meet the needs of your child, we’re here to provide the math help needed to ensure the math curriculum is fully absorbed by your 1st grader. We provide individualized attention and learning paths paced to your child. We use Singapore math methods to help 1st grade math students master a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) progression. We’re local math teachers who know how to make learning fun and interactive.

What you'll learn

Skills needed to master the concepts

  • Fluently create sets of ten
  • Counting, ordering, comparing sets of numbers
  • Ability to follow multi-step directions
  • Use multiple reading strategies
  • Understand and use correct math vocabulary
  • Ability to discuss mathematical ideas

Beyond our Math Classroom Connection sessions, we also offer 1st grade math students Singapore math.  These sessions enable students to get further ahead and excel beyond their grade level.

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