6 Ways to Add Math to the Holidays!


The holiday season is upon us!  When celebrating the season, why not add a little math into the mix?  It’s easy to do!  Take a look at our six suggestions for sprinkling math into the holidays!   A list of our favorite board games is also included!   Happy holidays!

1) Shopping! Comparing prices, counting money, percent discounts, calculating taxes — all important math concepts!

2) Cooking! Calculating cooking time, estimating servings, measuring amounts!

3) Travel! Get out a map (a paper one) and take a look at coordinates, distance gas prices and travel time!

4) Family Game Time! So many board games are great for honing math skills! Find our game suggestions on below!

5) Restaurant math! Add up the totals for each person’s meal choices. Estimating and figuring the tax and tip amount is also a great skill to practice.

6) Blessings! Count your Blessings!


Our personal picks for board games:

Grades PK – 2

Sum Swamp!

Hi, Ho, Cherrio!

Count your Chickens!

Chutes and Ladders

Monopoly Discover

Snug as a Bug in a Rug!

Tell the Time Game

Clumsy Thief


Grades 3 – 6

Times Tables Heroes

Tell the Time Game

Math Tac Toe

Shut the Box Game

Math Match: Dice and Card Game


Super Math Spy