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How can I help my child understand math?

Do you want your child to have a strong foundation in math? Does your child lack math confidence?   Math is the ‘Jenga subject’ – mastering the fundamentals early on is critical to keep your tower from toppling. It’s a truly humbling experience when your child asks for help on a math problem and you draw a complete blank! That’s where we come in!

Math is cumulative, falling behind can make it difficult to catch back up. Fundamental math skills are also important to success later in life. Most importantly, repeated underperformance in math can seriously impact self-esteem.

Help with Homework Routine
Executive functioning skills are key to success.

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Math doesn't have to be hard or intimidating.

Build a solid foundation

Success in math requires a solid foundation.

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Ella uses Bar Models to decompose word problems.

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Singapore Math Help

As Singapore entered the 1980s their students were not competitive in math. They weren’t even internationally rated. At this point the country decided to make a change and adopted a new/innovative math approach.

After the introduction of what is now known as Singapore math the country has been consistently rated in the top 10. Compare this to the US math which struggles to reach the top 10 consistently.

What makes Singapore math different? Math is a cumulative learning process. Singapore math focuses on mastery of core building blocks at each level which are important for success going forward. The goal is to understand how the math works versus simply passing the next grade level test.

At Calculating Minds we spend the time to understand each individual student, where they are at in math, and we develop personalized plans to help them learn to love math going forward.

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Make sure your child keeps pace at each grade level!

Math Classroom Connection

Overcoming a math deficit is a big challenge for parents. With schools going to virtual learning math gaps are almost certain to happen. At Calculating Minds we know what’s being taught at every grade level. We take the time to understand each individual student, where they are at in math, and we develop personalized plans to help close any learning gaps.

There is a direct correlation between proficiency in math, self confidence and a student’s ongoing motivation to learn math. This is particularly true as students approach Algebra in middle school.  Our Math Classroom Connect program is designed to ensure your student keeps pace with what is being taught at every grade level.

At Calculating Minds we supplement school and home learning by teaching fundamental math skills to students ages 4 and up. Our teaching closely aligns with the common core mandate. We work with children evolve their thinking about math problems, and approach problem-solving using a variety of innovative methods rather than simply producing the correct answer.

1st grade math

Avoid hitting the wall at Algebra

The math help you need when you need it most.

Learn study skills that prepare you for college and life

Make to do lists, manage a calendars, learn to focus.

Achieve solid grades & placement scores

Get into a good college and secure a great job.

ACT Prep

Get the math help you need to improve your score on the ACT!

Preparation is key to doing well on college placement exams

Most colleges use placement exams as a core factor in admissions — particularly for Math and English. A great academic record can be undermined with a poor placement exam result.

Placement tests are unlike high school exams that assess particular learning. Placement exams assess general knowledge, which can make it harder for a student to prepare. Fortunately, Calculating Minds offers personalized coaching and  online resources to ensure the best result.

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Local math teachers committed to student success.

We know what’s being taught in our schools and can develop a plan to help each student succeed in math.

“Both of my kids have been going here and they love it! They actually look forward to practicing their math each week and can’t wait to earn points for prizes! They have learned so many tricks and tips to help them remember their facts and math steps as well as problem solving! We can’t love these ladies ad this place enough!”
"My two girls absolutely love doing math now and I couldn’t say that before we sent them to Calculating Minds. I highly recommend Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Finch, because they make the lessons fun and there is something new every week which keeps my kids engaged and excited to attend. "
“This place provides great math enrichment for my 6 year old. My daughter goes to Calculating Minds twice a week and I see a significant improvement on her confidence in answering math questions. I highly recommend this place for children beginning at age 4 years old.